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Our Services

Our Services
Dry Cleaning

Towing Service

For your fortification, we carry full indemnity for Goods in Transit and Public Liability. We, at UAE Vehicle Recovery, provide you with a constant and safe towing service...

Steam Pressing

Flat Tyre Service

We can understand how terrible it is too stuck in a situation when you are far from your home, and your Car has broken down, or you face flat tire, and you don’t have another tire to swap...

One Day Delivery

Battery Service

Well, rarely it happens when you go out somewhere, and your car’s battery gets failed. It’s quite understandable that your car’s battery can fail for many reasons, such as; lack of use...

Dry Cleaning

Gasoline Service

This is a most frequent issue faced by people. And If you’ve been stuck in the middle of the road when a car ran out of fuel, you know well that it is quite hard to get help late at night...

One Day Delivery

Lockout Service

Conversely, getting locked out of the car with keys inside can be creepy, annoying, and exasperating. And notably, when it ensues while you need to be anyplace important...

One Day Delivery

Accident Towing Service

If, in an inclement climate, your car can skid off the highway and end up stuck in a ditch alongside the road. Or God forbid, some accident takes place, and you are in need to get rid...

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